Hi! I am Vaibs, Toronto’s Body Language Expert.
I am a Body Language speaker and trainer, certified by the Science of People, Portland.

Vital Awareness
In Body Signals.


Currently my main focus for training is body language, and how it can increase your ability to influence. Nonverbal signals are 12-13 times more powerful than accompanying words. Unlock your hidden super power by learning how to present yourself with body language, consistent with your intentions, and improve your relationships with others.

Body Language

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and walked away feeling some type of way? It was nothing they said but something you couldn't quite put your finger on? You most likely picked up on a nonverbal cue. Up to 93% of our communication is from our tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions. In a 30-minute conversation two people can send over 800 nonverbal signals. Sometimes we're not always sending out the cues we intend. I want to be able to help you to control your nonverbal communication and express your intended, purposeful cues. Together we can increase your influence!



Professional speaking for corporations and large groups for keynotes, lunch and learn or corporate retreats with half-day and full-day speaking availability. This workshop will help you get noticed in any room and be able to connect, engage and influence others.

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Personalized one-on-one coaching is offered for individual training. A well prepared curriculum just for your needs. Coaching topics include:

• First impression
• Master your Elevator Pitch
• Vocal Power
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Small Group & Workshops

Personalized coaching is offered for small group training. A custom curriculum and training schedule is crafted based on your group or team’s specific needs. Workshop topics include first impression, presence, pitching and presenting and more
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Profile Picture Review

Your online photos are your digital first impression! Let's make sure you are sending the right messages before you put your photo on your:
- Professional website
- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
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Applications Of
Body Language

Human Resources
Healthcare Professionals
Support Groups


This isn’t your typical corporate seminar where everyone’s watching the clock for the next break. We’re going to have a ton of fun, move around, laugh and break through these barriers together, to find out the untapped potential your team has once we embrace the power of body language.

Shereen Mohiuddin

I took my first body language class with Vaibs this weekend and found it to be thoroughly insightful.
My job as a Communications Assistant requires me to be mindful of my body language as I deal with people in a corporate setting on a daily basis.
I highly encourage individuals to take advantage of Vaibs knowledge, expertise, and love for teaching on this subject!

Shereen Mohiuddin - Communication Assistant.

Natasha Bhayana

After taking a session with Vaibs for Body Language, I learnt things that I didn’t even know was important or prominent in our daily lives. What we are verbally saying and what we actually believe and are thinking, are sometimes totally the opposite. Each part of our body tells a story from our facial expressions, to our arms and hands, to our feet. He explained and provided such relatable examples of what my thoughts were actually saying through my body language. Sometimes we have a habit, we don’t even notice we have which actually has a meaning behind it. I even got to learn some new tactics that can be used not only professionally, but in everyday life. If you want to learn how to excel in your professional career, in social gatherings, or even your relationships, I would definitely recommend taking a session with Vaibs.

Natasha Bhayana, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Sandip Yashpal

Just a few minutes in with Vaibs and you know how others are subconsciously perceiving you. You didn’t think that your face ‘talks’ and reveals so much about you.

I became more aware of what signals I was giving others and how to communicate better.
This stuff is real. And Vaibs is superb at making you aware and improving yourself.

Sandip Yashpal, Entrepreneur