VAIBS (Vaibhav Parashar)


I live in Toronto, Ontario. For almost 15 years I, worked in Entertainment industry, as an entrepreneur, and trained many people in the field of fitness and dancing. I am a certified Body language trainer helping individual, groups & companies to increase their nonverbal impact. I received my training and certification from the Science of People, a human behavior lab based in Portland, Additionally I am a certified trainer of mindfulness and yoga, teaching people to discover their uniqueness through mind and body.

I have always believed in using internal powers than using external support. Our mind is our biggest tool and along with the help of our body we can create magic. Understanding the mind and having authentic body language is like having super powers and can help you to discover your uniqueness and will make you the most memorable person in the room.

My Story

Like every child, even I was very fascinated with super heroes and their super powers. I always desired to have a super power. When I grew old, I realized that it was all fantasy, but the urge of getting super power never vanished. I always believed that mind is the most powerful tool we have but never knew how to use it effectively for the benefit the society and myself. In 2010, I got involved in learning about mind and how it affects the body and the society. During that time I learned about Meditation and Body Language. I learned that how closely mind and body are connected with each other. Our mind affects our body with every thought; similarly, our body can change the mind’s thought process by changing our body language. I got fascinated, as I have found my super powers. I went deeper in learning and got certification in Mindfulness and yoga and I am also a Certified Body Language trainer and coach. My aim is to help people find their uniqueness through mind and body. I am ready to help you get these super powers.

The question now becomes

Are you ready?