How many hats does an entrepreneur wears?
Receive Body language training for:

Speaking and Networking events,
Sales, Leadership, Charisma, Presence, Phone power (Voice tone), Deception Detection

and many more to make the most out of every task.

Lawyer & Politicians

All human beings have an ability to interpret body language even if it is subconsciously, we are constantly exchanging nonverbal messages that influence decisions. We can be purposeful and conscious of what we say with our bodies to avoid sending red flags, especially to juries and judges.

Human Resources

Nonverbal makes up the majority of our communication. 60-93% of our messages are through facial expressions, voice tone and body language. In a recruitment process, using 100% of our communication skills is imperative.
Receiving training in:

Micro-expressions, Candidate Coaching, Group Coaching, Deception Detection, Pitching & Sales strategies for interviews, Negotiation skills, Leadership, Influence, Charisma and many more


More and more studies have proven that in the majority of cases price is never an obstacle to buy from someone. If we like a person in particular we will cave in, negotiate and find alternatives. Making a lasting First Impression takes second and this impression will be permanent. With nonverbal communication training you will enhance your abilities to sell houses in a different level.

Use Power Body Language to increase credibility and be perceived as powerful and confident.
Learn to decode hidden emotions to deal with barriers right away.

Romance & Dating

Get the most out of being single or out of being married.

Science of Attraction
Flirting Fundamentals
Psychology of Courtship
Dating Dynamics
Relationship connectivity
Attractiveness and Confidence

The question now becomes

Are you ready?