People faces reveal far more about what they are thinking than they actually say. Open a whole new channel of communication and communicate beyond words by learning to decode facial expressions.

Elevator Pitch

"Its not about what you say, in fact its about how you say”. Use body language to communicate, influence, and connect professionally while pitching, speaking or networking.


Human Lie Detection

“The brain has to work really really hard to be able to lie”. Detect lie live and instantly by learning all the nonverbal “leaks” that our bodies display when lying.

Romance & Dating

We could all use extra help and confidence boost when it comes to dating. If you are in an existing relationship you can also learn about scientific-based facts and studies on how it is imperative to be able to accurately decode body language to improve mutual well-being.
and learn: First Impression, Charisma, Presence, Influence etc.



Nonverbal communication is an innate skill and, to some degree, we are able to naturally interpret body language cues. Learn how to send the correct cooperative messages in a moment that may be felt as confrontational.

The question now becomes

Are you ready?